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QuantumCast for
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Get in touch with the future of online radio!

Easy real-time creation & publishing of individual lean-back radio experiences for voice assistants

Skippable Live-Audiostreams / Scalable IP-Playouts

Your Sounds. Your Streams. Your Platform.


Welcome to the new world of radio production with all the possibilities of Internet technologies!

We have developed QuantumCast to enable radio stations to deliver skippable individual audio streaming.

There tends to be a natural division between radio stations and internet because radio has originally not been developed with internet on mind. The traditional processes and systems are primarily targeted for the perfect mainstream solution towards FM and DAB. Simple customizations like radio streams without traffic information poses an immense challenge for the technology and the staff.

QuantumCast is the answer to this problem. It offers completely new solutions for audio professionals.

The focus is currently on the real-time creation and publishing of individual lean-back radio experiences. But there is much more possible.

Personalization, customization and professional audio processing of individual content, playlists and endless audio streams can be offered in real time with a manageable effort for an infinite number of listeners. And skipping radio is also possible with QuantumCast.




QuantumCast is a flexible ip-playout system, cms and platform for digital audio.

The QuantumCast platform contains a comprehensive collection of integrated digital audio services that enable audio professionals to create an infinite number of audio streams in real time. A competent team of experts and an extensive API will support you to be most efficient - from the simple creation of on-demand audio streams to personalized playout solutions in real-time.




Personalized Broadcasts


Audio Livestreaming


Skip Titles


Connection to external contents


Unlimited flexible webchannels


Realtime monitoring


Personalized audio playout in realtime


On-demand live audiostreaming



Who is Using QUANTUM CAST?

André Gierke / Radio Brocken / 89.0 RTL / Funkhaus Halle GmbH & Co. KG

"The dream of every radio executive: With QuantumCast we at the radio station in Halle now have all the freedom and possibilities to offer our listeners of Radio Brocken and 89.0 RTL new exciting music streams in a flexible, quick and uncomplicated way. Due to monitoring, automated delivery of ads, extensive statistical tools und a lot of further exciting features, this is the first all-in-one system for audio streaming."

Kieran O’Connor / sunshine live / RNO Radio GmbH & Co.KG

"From our perspective streamABC has gone the next logical step concerning audio streaming technology. Now we have the freedom and flexibility that we need in a very competitive market and that we strived for a long time. Additional we are experiencing an outstanding personal service that can only be described as exemplary."

Radio Hamburg


Skippable Radiochannels

via radioplayer

sunshine live


Multi-Channel selfservice

via console


Our Customers




Features and technical data of QuantumCast:


  • Skip titles
  • Integrated listener drop-off protection
  • 99,9% availability
  • No channel limits
  • No transcoding limits
  • Integrated ad-delivery
  • Freely configurable bitrates

Technical Data

  • No upper limit for platform size, automatic scaling of platform
  • DAAST ad server interface
  • Beep and flip bit recognition
  • Metadata trigger
  • Expandable streaming-codecs, currently: mp3, AAC, AAC+
  • Podcast interface
  • HTTPS encryption per default
  • Streaming protocol: HTTP, HLS
  • Segmented & Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH)

The QuantumCast platform is a network of different services. The streamABC audio-streaming-CDN is part of the QuantumCast platform. In theory it can be scaled endlessly by using the infrastructures and resources of multiple carrier-ISPs. Scaling is performed automatically within moments. Primary purpose of the QuantumCast platform is the fully automated provision of an unlimited number of audio live-streams, audio on-demand content, personalised playouts und supporting services. All services are running on multiple redundancies and are distributed over several datacentres. Permanent monitoring of all services combined with fully automated routing assures an availability of 99.9%.

The QuantumCast platform can be scaled into dedicated carrier ISPs. The steamABC audio-streaming-CDN consists currently (Nov. 2017) of five selected carrier ISP infrastructures. The resources of local carrier-ISPs can be added as long as those ISPs comply to the required standards for infrastructures.